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Update 11/28/05
Front suspension rebuild

Since the last update (which was quite some time ago!), the frame has been painted chassis black and the rear suspension has been partially restored. (More details will be given in a future update.) The focus of this update is the overhaul of the front suspension and steering components.

The front suspension was completely disassembled and each component was inspected to determine if it would be restored or replaced. Ideally, you would like to re-use as many of the original parts as possible (including fasteners), but excessively worn parts must be replaced to ensure safety and reliability. In our case, many of the original components will be restored, with the exception of the tie-rod ends, ball joints, springs/shocks, brake calipers/rotors, brake dust shields, and power steering control valve and hydraulic ram. The control-arm bushings and wheel bearings will also be replaced.

To restore the original parts, the grime and paint are removed using solvents and rust is removed using wire brushes. Paint is then applied to achieve the appropriate finish for each part and to protect them from corrosion. Some pictures of our progress are shown below. Once this process is completed, the front suspension will be re-assembled, and we will then turn our attention to the rear suspension.

Click thumbnail to view a larger image.

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