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Update 2/14/06
Carburetor rebuild.

After running for about a week, our old carburetor developed a serious flooding condition, so we had to pull the carb and rebuild it. The carb was disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Before reassembly, we painted the exterior to give it that 'like new' look. The carb was then reassembled and now waits to be reinstalled on the engine. (See the pics below.) If all goes well, we should have the engine back together and ready to fire in the next day or two.

We also managed last week to track down a correct set of 15x7 AG wheels. (You may recall that the wheels purchased with the car were actually for a 71-2 Corvette. See Update 12/17/05.) The AG wheels are dated July 10, 1968 and are thus a perfect match to our 'vette.

Click thumbnail to view a larger image.

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