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Update 2/17/2007
The engine restoration is nearly complete

The engine restoration is finally reaching the end. The A.I.R. system, power steering pump, tach-drive distributor and ignition coil, and ignition shielding have all been installed. To complete the restoration, only a few odds-and-ends remain, such as original style radiator hoses and drive belts. The astute observer will also notice that we still need a muffler for the smog system diverter valve and that a few pieces of ignition shielding have yet to be installed (they were on back-order but have since arrived).

The original style distributor and coil replaces the HEI distributor we had been using. The distributor had to be rebuilt but is currently working great. In the interest of reliability, we replaced the old points mechanism with a Pertronix Ignitor module. This greatly improves the performance of the distributor with minimum modifications from stock. With the exception of one extra wire, the external appearance is identical to a stock distributor, and it's possible to change back to the points system for complete originality if so desired.

With the engine nearly complete, we can now focus all of our attention on restoring the body and reuniting it with the chassis.

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