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Update 12/10/05
Engine overhaul

This week turned out to be full of surprises -- the unhappy kind. The plan was to strip the old paint from the engine, replace some gaskets, and then repaint the engine. Everything was going according to plan until we got the engine apart and got a good look at the inside of the block. Upon inspection, some surface rust was seen on the cylinder walls (due to the engine sitting too long) and some serious scoring was observed on the main bearings. We also observed overspray over most of the block (even on the cam bearings!) and some paint-like sludge in the sump filter screen. It seems that the paint turned loose from the block and clogged the oil pump, leading to the scored bearings.

So, instead of a simple paint job, the engine will now have to be rebuilt. The block will be sent to Marion Performance and Draggin' Speed in Olive Branch, MS next week to have the block cleaned, freeze plugs and cam bearings replaced, cylinders bored and honed, and the main line honed. The internals will also be replaced, and the whole assembly balanced. It will be at the machine shop for about two weeks, during which time we'll finish up the chassis and start working on the body.

Click thumbnail to view a larger image.

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