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Update 1/15/06
The engine is going back together.

This week we finished up the transmission and prepared for the assembly of the engine. The soda-blasting of the body had to be delayed, but we should see some progress on that in the upcoming week.

On Saturday, with our parts and supplies gathered up, we were finally ready to put the engine back together. The bulk of the assembly was completed on Saturday, leaving only a few odds and ends such as the thermostat and valve covers to take care of. Once this is done, we can get the engine in some Chevrolet orange paint, reunite it with the transmission, and set it in the frame. If all goes well, we should have the engine running within the next few weeks.

The first set of pictures below shows the results of the restoration work on the transmission. The picture on the left shows the transmission as it was when we pulled it out of the car, while the picture on the right shows the transmission after lots of cleaning, some fresh paint, and new gaskets and seals. Below that are some pictures of the engine assembly.

Before After

Click thumbnail to view a larger image.

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